Privacy Policy

TriviaDice as a socially accountable company respects user privacy and also the company vouches that it'll do everything among its limits to safeguard user privacy. The below privacy policy is also revised as and once seen applicable by the corporate while not previous notice. The below privacy policy tells however and what info is gathered from the users and the way the knowledge gathered are employed by the corporate. Kindly browse rigorously our privacy policy hereafter and by victimization this web site ( you specific your acceptance of the below privacy policy. just in case} you have got any objections or in case you are doing not settle for our privacy policy, kindly restrain yourself from victimization the services of our web site.

TriviaDice so as to produce its users with complete vary of its services collects bound info from the users. {the info|the knowledge|the data} collected includes however not restricted to contact information as well as, number, email address, communication address and different personal info like knowledge of birth, first name, surname, etc., needed to verify the identity of the users.

The private information collected are used just for internal functions and also the personal information won't be shared with any third parties or the private knowledge won't be oversubscribed to any third parties. info like contact info and communication address is also shared with service partners therefore on fulfill the service as within the case of product shipping and delivery.the private information collected during this web site is also wont to perceive the web site demographics and also the information is also wont to devise future selling plans. TriviaDice doesn't send spam mails to the users. However, service connected communications and newsletters is also sent to the registered users from time to time to stay the users up to this point with the website's services.

TriviaDice uses cookies to gather user info like the IP address of the users, location of the user supported the IP, date and time of visit and different knowledge like the browser kind, etc., which wont result in breach of individual's identity in any means. we have a tendency to use the knowledge collected here to enhance upon our own services by understanding the character of our web site guests so we are able to serve you higher. Though you are liberated to cut your browser cookies such Associate in Nursing action might stop you from accessing bound options of our services and our web site. you will conjointly face issues in work into your user account once the browser cookies are shifted.

You are liberated to update your account info anytime you wish, though the bound aspects of your account info like your phone number and email address might not be modified as this info is employed to spot your account.

TriviaDice has taken all the specified security measures to produce you with a secure on-line platform. you are but needed to stay your laptop shielded from viruses and different malware programs to stop knowledge loss and security problems. MASS online SOLUTIONS doesn't use or promote any malware programs.

All the money info as well as mastercard, revolving credit info are control confidential and no third parties can have access to such info.

Just in case of the termination of the accounts you ought to contact the support team together with your account termination request. Your request are processed promptly and your account are terminated among an inexpensive fundamental measure.

TriviaDice doesn't share any information collected from the users with the opposite users of the web site what therefore ever. conjointly TriviaDice doesn't send any emails or create phone calls requesting the other personal info. you're needed to report such mails or communications to MASS online SOLUTIONS to shield your own interests.

In case of any queries or doubts concerning to our privacy policy, be happy to contact us anytime. you're inspired to go to this page often and keep yourself up to this point with our latest privacy policy.