Frequently Asked Questions

Why Triviadice?

It’s a fun way to learn and earn. An exciting online game portal to test your general knowledge and have fun winning gifts for that.

How do I become a member?

Just sign up with your details or still easy, log-in with your Facebook or Google account. It’s absolutely safe.

What is a point’s validity?

Redeemable points expire after 45 days. Instance, you signed up on 01 January and earn 500 points as joining bonus, these 500 points expire after 14 February, in the following month.

What is the difference between a redeemable point (r.points) and lifetime point (l.points)?

As each point expires 45 days after earning them, redeemable points are those that are active and currently LIVE. It is r.points that makes it eligible for most of the gifts.
All points earned since the first sign-up accounts for the total or lifetime points. This includes the redeemed and expired points. This l.points score is that which takes to next levels of playing.

When can I redeem?

Anytime as you wish!! Redeem before points expire. Hurry !! Hurry !!

How can I earn more points?

Join. Answer all. Go up levels. Share with your friends. Throw your dice.Try your luck.
Where there is will, there is a way :)